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Mrs Reeta Gupta


Mrs Reeta Gupta, HES I joined Higher Education Services on 23rd August,1987.At present, she is Principal SMMD Government Sanskrit College, Panchkula and DHEO, Panchkula. She has a teaching experience of 33 years. She was promoted to the office of the Principal and joined Govt, College Bilaspur on 16th July,2020. She worked as Principal at GC Saha and GC Radhaur as well.... Read more



Bachelor of Arts - Shastri

The three-year Bachelor of Arts in Shastri program offers a specialized education in traditional Indian studies. Students will delve into subjects such as Sanskrit literature, philosophy, and Vedic st...

Duration: 3 years


Diploma in Jyotish (Evening)

The two-year Diploma in Jyotish (Evening) program is tailored for individuals interested in the ancient Indian science of astrology. Covering Vedic astrology principles, horoscope analysis, and predic...

Duration: 2 years


Diploma in Karmakanda (Porohitya)

The one-year Diploma in Karmakanda (Porohitya) program is crafted for individuals interested in the study and practice of Vedic rituals and ceremonies. Covering Karmakanda principles, Vedic rituals, a...

Duration: 1 years


Diploma in Proficiency in Sanskrit

The one-year Diploma in Proficiency in Sanskrit program is crafted for individuals interested in acquiring proficiency in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Covering Sanskrit grammar, literature, and l...

Duration: 1 years